Website Audit

Your website isn't converting?
Not sure why?
Our website is our new online real estate, yet with major retailers moving online the competition is more fierce and you must bring your A-game!
To compete today, you need to be laser-focused on discovering and aligning your website to the goals of your consumers. Purchase this website audit and Tara Darnley or a team member will bring down the below via a Pre-Recorded Video and tips on how to fix, edit, and improve your website.
  • User Experience: How professional and user-friendly is the site?
  • Conversion Optimization: How well is the site optimized to convert website visitors into customers?
  • Performance & Security: How fast and secure is the site?
  • Landing Page Review: How well is the site optimized to rank well on search engines like Google?
  • User-friendly navigation
  • Relevant use of images and video
  • Relevant headlines and page copy
  • Mobile friendly
  • The primary call to action (CTA) is clear
  • Unique selling proposition (USP)
  • Relevant trust factors
  • Page speed


Who is this Audit Ideal for?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small Business Owners
  • Brand Owners
  • Personal Brands
  • and any brand that needs to promote their business online

Why Should You Buy from Tara Darnley?

  • Runs Multiple Successful Ecommerce Online businesses
  • Ingenious Branding & Marketing Experience
  • Innovation Strategist
  • Top Product Seller on Amazon
  • Seen on the Steve Harvey Show, Forbes, Essence, Black Enterprise & More
  • Professional
  • Product Development Expert & Inventor

Disclaimer: This service doesn't guarantee increased sales over any given time period or will Dreams Inspire Reality to be held accountable for lack of sales based on the review given.

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